Little celebration

Hi there! It’s been a year since I began constant uploadings on Audiojungle. And the other days I’ve got the third paw. Maybe it doesn’t mean a thing for someone, but for me it’s a sign that it is still possible to move foreward on Audiojungle.
If you have some time, tell your stories, how did you started on Audiojungle.


Congrats :slight_smile: And yes, it’s still possible to move forward with Audiojungle, and with stock in general. It’s hard, but every little achievement is great and will lead you to another one, and also will bring some opportunities outside this stock world :slight_smile:

It’s important to celebrate, especially under these uncertain times :crossed_fingers:


Thank you!:blush: Who knows how my way will twist in future. Definitely I won’t stop and will keep trying to achieve more in stock music, step by step.

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