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Hi guys! Im very new to ListingPro and hoping someone can help me out real quick with a problem that might be very basic.

I have created an online directory for Masseuses. In the Submit Form settings I have created a section that gives the masseuse Massage Type options to choose from via a MultiCheck input type when they create their listing, which is basically their profile. Now I want to be able to group the masseuses based on the massage types that they chose. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance,

This is no help. To contact the author for post sale support, they want backend login information as well as FTP login. I can not give client information away like that. How ridiculous.

Support ( free ) is provided by the item author. If you’re not comfy sharing the login details, you need to figure something out by yourself.


This link might help you:

I would guess Adding custom fields to Search filter would be the solution, but as @ki-themes has already pointed out the author is the best one to assist you.

You could always add another ADMIN ACCOUNT to the Wordpress admin and create an additional FTP account for the author. It depends on how much you trust them and more importantly, want their help. I would say 99.9% of the time authors are trustworthy people so you should be okay with them helping you on a limited basis like this.