Listing Experience on Resume

Hi all,

I just have a quick question to ask if any of us don’t mind helping out. If I would like to list my freelancing experience from here on my resume, how do we feel I should go about it? Would it be feasible to write down “Envato Market,” as my employer, “Design Freelancer” as my position, and “Envato” as the company title? Additionally, other than looking at my profile, how would employers be able to verify these information?

They wouldn’t be able to verify it any their way.

It’s v important you understand that as an author you are not ‘employed’ by envato. They would never give a reference for an author etc. and stating this could get you in a lot of trouble.

As a author you would be classified as self employed - envato is merely a marketplace where you sell your stock creations

Thank you for your response!

If it were you, how would you write your freelance experience on your resume? Do you think that employers would prefer design firm experience over freelance?

I am no expert in that area but I would imagine it depends on what jobs you are applying for and in what fields, plus what your freelance experience looks like e.g. so far on this account you have no files for sale on your account so not sure how much benefit sharing that would be.

I am sure the big authors here who work for themselves or as part of a team/business of people reference that as part of their CV’s etc.