Listify and WooCommerce conflict

I have a conflict problem between Listify and WooCommerce.

I have a directory site, setup in Listify. The idea is we offer free basic listings, but listing owners can then opt in to take a monthly subscription to add more info to their listing, like images, social media etc etc

I’ve installed WooCommerce subscriptions to enable entries in the directory to subscribe, but am having a conflict problem getting that to work and override the Listify default.

Currently, if you click “Claim Listing” on an entry, you send a message, but it does nothing.

If you click “Add Listing” at the top right hand side of the page, you get access to uploading details, images etc, but this bypasses any subscription payment, defeating the purpose of having a subscription.

Can anyone help? This is a major stumbling block in terms of monetising the directory.