Listify and Marketify by Astoundify

Hi guys,

by asking this question, you might already have realized that I am a newbie in programming and making websites. I am just wondering what the difference is between Listify and Marketify themes. I am trying to building an marketplace that looks similar to Airbnb, but of course with different product/service than Airbnb.

Many thanks.
John L.

Listing is a directory e.g. businesses or service providers etc.

Marketify is a marketplace like here where people can sell their products

Thanks…does that mean that Listify is only for showing list of businesses - not products/services? Will you say that Marketify if more fit to what I have described in my post?

It depends on what you are trying to sell/achieve

Listing can “list” whatever you want so if for example of was hotels or hairdressers then you could list a bunch of these but Marketify is more like a shop (for various different vendors) than for service providers.

Creating something like air bnb is quite a big job for a beginner and any theme is likely to require some technical customisation but again it depends what you are selling

If it’s a site like air bnb then listing is a better choice - paid listings, woocommerce (selling) integration, search

Bear in mind how advanced both of these themes are - depending again on what you need to do then editing functionality is not a job for a beginner and you will need proper help

Many thanks Charlie…that perfectly explains the difference. Of course, I am not gonna be able to make it as complex as airbnb but I guess Listify will do the job in the beginning. Of course, I will need proper help to customize it the way I want it. Btw, just wondering, will you be interested in helping me out? If you are we can discuss more details.

Unfortunately I don’t take on work like this.

Given the technicality of this themes oh need to be confident in anyone helping you. Take a look on - these are vetted freelancers, many with a lot of experience of themeforest themes and often authors.

I’d usually recommend starting off looking for help from the author but I think astoundify is a very busy team!

Good luck

Thank you…I will look into it~~^^