Listening to music while working


Hi everyone, obviously every author while working needs to associate the creative process with motivating music that gives more punch! to the work :punch: . What is the music you listen to when you work ? It’s been a long time that I listen to electronic music like vocal trance or even psytrance in a little critical working moments :confounded:… otherwise, I am currently on mozart and apparently it works quite a lot :sunglasses:


This is what i listen to keep my focus :slight_smile:


I love to listen rap and trance :slight_smile:


So inspiring :+1:


Good listening :slight_smile:


Deep House


Good listening & GLWS :slight_smile:


I listen my own musics :sweat_smile:


Smart invitation to checkout your profile haah ! :smirk:
I guess it inspires you a lot apparently :blush: