Liscence is not verified. Existing liscence says Liscence has been not verify....


What is the solution for these or refund of amount when it happens… Waiting for reply…


Hello @Krishnamurthy1234. Where are you getting this error?


While Installing the theme It is not Excepting the Liscence. Only for one Domain. Not for multiple…


I see. What is the name of the theme that you are trying to install?


Eveland… Theme name… You want wordpress Login credentials I will provide. 3 days over It is not getting Installed. I can provide If you help…


Each domain/website/proejct requires it’s own license and a new copy.

Themes/tempaltes can only be used for one website.

Do you have it installed elsewhere already?


No, Only for One domain I have tried…


This is an issue with the theme in question, and is not something Envato can assist with. Please visit the following support link to contact the author of the theme (their name is familab).


Same liscence Is not getting verified. Kindly, help us Urgently website I have to launch…
(purchase code redacted)


Again, you must contact the author for support. This is a public, general forum, and not the proper place to get support for items. Here is the item’s support link - they will be able to help you get the license working: