Links not working on Wordpress when Windows is maximized



Hi! I’ve been building a website with the Bridge theme for our new startup, an amazing project to help real estate agencies and architectural offices visualize their assets in 3D within Oculus rift, iOs, android and html…

Let’s cut to the chase: links in the middle of the page don’t work if the window is maximized. We have tried in Mozilla, in Chrome, Opera… they just don’t work.

Our webpage is

We have problems with a link in the main web, where says “portfolio”

And also in each and every portfolio webpages, the central portfolio tiles have problems. For instance


Please, could someone help? I found this problem a couple of days ago and i can’t find a solution.

Thank you.


Did you contact the author of the Bridge theme? They should be able to assist you with this.

It looks like from first glance that the mobile logo is pretty large, and the css is only hiding it with opacity. So what happens is the logo is sitting over the top of the page content, though invisible. The theme should use something like display:none instead of opacity:0 so it doesn’t get in the way of click events in the mouse. The theme author should be able to help you with something like this.