Linking a client to the theme

Hi There. I see this mentioned several times in the forum, however I can’t seem to find the actual protocol for achieving.
I have made a website for a client and now would like to “link” them to the theme (and subsequently delete it from my computer). How do I do this?
Thanks in advance.

Assuming you bought it and not them then you can give them permission to use the site (assuming you remove all files etc. from your system) BUT they will not be able access updates or support without buying a license from their account.

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Thanks so much… but how do I “officially” give them permission?
When you say remove all files, you mean the zip file of the theme?
Sorry… I know these are remedial questions…

You just need to put it in writing somewhere (include the purchase code) saying that you are signing it over.

By remove it means from all copies and source code from your computers and/or development spaces