link expired when trying to install theme



ive subscribed to elements and downloaded a theme but when i try to install it , it says link expired can you assist please.


Hi @fall2urknees,

Welcome to the forums! This error is most likely caused by your PHP settings, you should contact your hosting company and ask them to increase the PHP upload_max_filesize and post_max_size values. There may also be more settings needing change down the road, so please check out theme documentation for suggested set of server settings.



I have the same error, over and over again.
A bit dissappointed, as it didn’t change a thing.
The error stays and I paid for a theme apparantly I cannot use/upload.
I hope there is another solution for this problem/


Heya @diedhert - this is a WordPress issue. If you’re unable to fix it via @LucaThemesCom’s solution then you can upload the theme manually over FTP instead which will avoid these types of issues altogether.


The solution suggested here does not work.
@Lucathemescom: can you help ?


It is a simple fix in your PHP settings, But like you mine did not work. I use GoDaddy so I called them and was up and running in under 5 minutes!

Let us know if you get it answered.


Hi @diedhert,

Please try @baileyherbert’s solution, the “FTP/SFTP” way: