Link Directory Pro- article vanished after purchase

Hey whoever reads this.
link directory pro, the item vanished after purchase.
So what now?

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There may be an issue with the item and it may be removed temporarily. If you haven’t downloaded the item, you can request refund.

Thank you for your answer.
The thing is I already downloaded the Item but
1 it is not properly working and I don’t get answers from the seller
2 I have trust issues regarding this item
3 I paid for the Item including the support, which I don’t get.
For these reasons, I think, refunding is not an option but an obligation.
So I will wait a few day to see if something happens and if not I’ll ask for a refund anyway.
Thank’s again, I’ll keep you aware.

1- You may need to refer the documentation. The item has been checked by Envato therefor it should be working properly.
2- Again, the item is checked by the team.
3- You can contact the support for details.