Linguini - problems with blocks and titles

Hi there,

I took over from another designer but I couldn’t start from scratch because the site owner liked the original design. However it was done in the previous version of Linguini. When I bought the new version, some text was kept but some elements of the design were lost and I can’t manage to get it again. I’m used to another theme, Total. So I’m struggling here. I’m also trying to get something, which looks a bit like the demo. But the owner wants to have the different sections of the menu to be on the main navigation bar.
I’ve read the theme docs but because I’m not starting from scratch, I can’t get it to work.


  1. I can’t manage to find the way of having several blocks on the same page.

The site is:

The only picture I have from the original site is on trustpilot:

where 3 blocks can be seen on the page.

  1. I can’t manage to remove the title of the pages despite adding the following code to ‘additional css’:

.entry-title {
display: none;

  1. Despite entering the Ukraine banner, it doesn’t appear centred.

I’m lost. Any help will be thoroughly appreciated. Thank you.