Linear Icons set - License question


I’m searching for a good icon sets with lines design, I found this one :
On bottom you can see we can use the free version also in out templates and themes, but I not sure about the premium pack of 59$.

I tried to contact the author but he only said me that all depend by the nature and type of my project, and not answered me again.

Some one can confirm me that I can use also the premium pack in my Themeforest HTML templates and Wordpress themes? Some one know others good line icon packs?

Thank you!

What I can see from the site is that the premium license allows usage in commercial projects (what your template would classify for) - “Use Linearicons in both commercial and non-commercial projects”, so I think you are safe to use them.

Another good option in your price range would be Icons Mind and as a bonus they have 30% off currently so be sure to check them out.


Icons Minds is very good, I prefer it, but I can not see the web fonts support. Bad news :frowning:

Thank you!