Limited Patience

I am trying to think reasonaly. What is this Unlimited Downloads?

  • The end of the Envato Market
  • A strategy to find more subscribers on Elements at any cost. Everyone is saying that earnings are lower than the first period of Elements. I remain 105th in videohive top authors list for years but my income is collapsing at both markets. Please tell me that you are earning more and I ll see it as a sign of hope

My august 2022 earnings are 30% lower than August 2018, 4 months into EE.
300 items less than now, only motion graphics and stock footage, no AE templates.
At that time EE was actually “for a few selected authors”.

Subscribers were also way less, so the fairy tale “more subscribers = more earnings” no, it doesn’t work.
I don’t see a bright future for digital items, subscriptions will take over in the coming years and prices will keep on dropping until the day items will be given away for free, which is already what’s happening on EE, but they call it “unlimited downloads”.

To be succesfull on EE forget the quality and focus on quantity. EE is a numbers game, subscribers don’t take it emotionally so they just click click click, download, download download…who cares if an item is good or not, they can download another one in a matter of seconds.
Remember that on EE you can make 15$ max out of one subscriber, 1 download or your entire portfolio is still 15$ max.

VH is still a good source of income (not for me) but you can see from the best selling list that you need to produce super high-end items, or big packs to be profitable.

We are witnessing the darwinism of digital items :joy:
I’ve already reached the peak here on Envato and everything is already free falling, whatever I do is not going to save me, it’s just going to postpone the day the dream will be over.
So yeah, just be grateful for those years working for Envato, and focus on your next chapter!

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