Limitations of plugins that come with themes !

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Themes come with plugins. Plugins which they bought a extended license for. But now suddenly plugin developers start limiting abilities of their plugins because they believe it should only work on a activated plugin. But you can not activate these extended license the theme plugins have been bought with.

We now see ourselves faced with limitations and abilities that dont work and are suddenly required to buy a single user license. It is like a app in the app store. You get it for free and if you want more you need to pay again.

What is the use of a extended license. And why is this allowed by envato? It is tying sales. It feels like a scam !

We see this now in the visual composer and in the slider revolution. But when the theme developers bought their license there was no limitation at all. As in the VC one could just work with templates and now suddenly they cant anymore.

I can understand that they want to gain as much income but then dont sell the extended license. Why is this allowd by envato? What is the use of a extended product if all the nice stuff is not working? What did the theme developers buy in the first place when they originally bought the extended license and why can it now suddenly be limited?

Looking forward to your reply on this

Just to add clarity:

  • theme authors use a developer license not an extended one as it is the only one that allows multiple use in their themes (extended doesn’t permit more than one installation/website/copy).

  • VC authors don’t limit the plugins. Authors sometimes strip it out to suit the requirements of the theme and to prevent bloating the files. (Not all authors do this).

  • another reason being if you buy theme A with VC etc. Bundled then you are only allowed to use that plugin with that theme and not for example theme B.

  • the reason for not allowing “activation” of plugins (the plugins still work without this) is to prevent the plugin authors being swamped with potential support, losing out on income and confining use of the plugin with other themes

  • the point of extended license is in scenarios when functionality to a website is “paid for” and the owner stands to earn from people accessing it.

This is incorrect sir !. Theme developers buy a extended license and ask for permission to use it in their theme. There is no developers license sold at Envato. Please ask the theme developers what they buy ! Btw i also know this from experience by contacting the plugin developers.

The plugins abilities are limited if you cant activate the plugin. Look at the screenshot provided. The same happens in the slider revolution. The license the developer has can only be activate once on his own system and not for each install of his theme on the users website.

I am not searching for support of using the plugin i want to use all abilities. The support is what the theme developer has to supply as he is selling the theme and plugins (included).

This still feels like a scam. What did we buy? A theme with a crippled plugin as when you want to use the full abilities you have to have your own license key.

You are right about the extended license and permissions. However

As long as the plugin delivers the functionality included in the demo then there is no obligation for the author to include each and every feature if they are not needed.

I am certain that there are some authors who do include the full version but I can completely see why those who remove unnecessary features do so in the interests of optimizing the theme.

I do actually agree that technically authors could say “the plugin is configured to the theme requirements” but they are not being dishonest to say that it is included as long as it delivers all that is required to create exactly what buyers see in the demo.

It’s about being as fair as possible to buyers, authors (of both plugins and themes) and unfortunately they will never be able to please everyone. Aside from anything else if envato altered how it works then there’s a danger of plugin authors choosing not to make it as easy to include their work.

As long as the plugin delivers the functionality included in the demo then there is no obligation for the author to include each and every feature if they are not needed.

That is bizar. The demo f.e. includes the use of templates in the VC. It worked before. It does not now as they changed it and added license key requirements. The same happened with Slider revolution.

I am not talking about " as long as it delivers all that is required to create exactly what buyers see in the demo." You also know that is not possible to show all.

If You advertise that plugin XXXX is included you should also advertise that it is limited in use and that one needs to buy his own license to have some of the abilities. If you only advertise that a certain plugin is included and you do not need a separate license then you are misleading your customers as when he starts using it he discovers really fast that abilities dont work. And i am not talking about internal update mechanism.

It seems that you are trying to avoid my problem and point here. See below.

I am certain that there are some authors who do include the full version but I can completely see why those who remove unnecessary features do so in the interests of optimizing the theme.

Pfff… The theme authors do include the full version. The version is limited because you need to enter a license key. Did you try one of your own top selling themes with integrated plugins? They all have the same problem…

The plugins abilities are limited by the PLUGIN DEVELOPERS not by the theme authors. You can only unlock all abilities when you enter a valid license key. Which we do not have. So what did the theme developer buy? A crippled plugin !.

I am 95% sure that it is the them author who modifies the plugin post purchase of the full copy, and not the author of that plugin.

Activating the plugin would give you access to auto-updates and (depending on the plugin) some features but if the author removes shortcodes and functionality to speed things up then activated or not these features will not be available.

I imagine that the process is to do with several features from support through to preventing people buying an item and having the license code to then recycle the plugin from theme to theme. There may even be consideration ( I am not familiar with the license to judge) around even under an extended license distributing the full copy as part of a theme.

It’s always been this way but if you really feel this is a problem then I suggest speaking to support.

This is really bogus. Let me try again so you stop replying with these foggy answers. Even if i download the plugin from envato codecanyon (as i have a valid license) i get the same problem when not activating the plugin. If i do a file compare by using winmerge (free program) against the zip files (packages) that are included in the theme that i bought i get similar 100% results telling me that they are equal.

The problem that i have is that i had abilities in older versions that now in newer versions are gone and need registration. So in fact, but you keep on running around it in circles, themes that have build in plugins (extended licenses) can not use all abilities as the ones that are sold as a individual license, They are the same 100% except you get extra abilities after activating and entering the license key which you cannot do with a plugin that is shipped with a theme, And you need to update as the plugins dont work on newer wp versions. So there is no way back as wp closes security breaches. You get less abilties with newer versions.

Now please stop telling me that they alter the code. You are avoiding the issue and point that i am trying to make. I seems to me you did not even try it.

What is happening here is that themes are selling “crippled” plugins ! And they don’t mention this at their sales pages. Moreover i don’t believe that they even knew this was gonna happen when they purchased the extended license. They also are facing this issue now when plugins update !

Charlie, on this occasion you are wrong, VC and SR are both limiting their plugins to users unless they supply a working license code, which buyers of premium themes with either of them bundked do not have.

They should not be allowed to do this as the authors have bought a full license and they agreed to allow them to use the plugins in the themes. You don’t go buy a house and then 6 months later the house builder puts a lock on your bathroom and says you need to cough up another $4k to be able to use it. Fair enough if they had added new features but they are locking existing features.

On that note, I keep saying it again and again, don’t bundle plugins in your themes, make your theme compatible with the plugin and let the customer buy a license.

  • the customer gets auto updates (rather than rely on the theme author)
  • the customer gets support from the plugin authir (rather than half arsed replies from theme authors)
  • the theme author can’t modify the plugin without using filters so it doesn’t break in the future
  • the plugin authors actually get a fair pay for their plugin rather than $500 for unlimited plugins in a theme.
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You just need thinking like this:
You buy a theme and gifted a plugin that help you get what their theme says & demo.
If you want to use other features of that gift, go purchasing its license :wink:

Try to see it this way… Theme Developers bought a extended license for a plugin that had all abilities… then suddenly that plugin developer starts crippling their plugin by cutting out abilities that are only available by adding a license key. Then what is the function of a extended license? What did they buy? They should have told the buyer from the outset that the plugin would be limited (now or in the future). You can not use the license key on more then one activation.

I can understand their viewpoint but then do not sell a extended license ! This really … !!! You can fill in the blanks !