Limeberry PHP - A Brand New PHP Framework

Hi dear Envato community.

We have developed a brand new mvc framework for PHP. We are working on it since two years and now we feel ready to announce it to all php developers. Framework is developed on MVC architecture and supports the following features;

  • MVC Architecture
  • Database Class
  • Template Engine
  • Areas for seperating big projects
  • Modular Structure
  • Easy Configuration with single file
  • Helper classes
  • Limeberry Console for managing projects
  • Paginations
  • FileSystem commands
  • And lots of other features

Your comments and contributions are welcome. Please can you check it out for your new projects. We have created a nice documentation for the framework and in short time we will create video-tutorials for beginners. But trust me, you will not need a video tutorial developing a project with Limeberry Framework. We aimed to develop a simple, understandable and reusable code.

Limeberry PHP Website

Limeberry Documentation

Limeberry @ GitHub

Thank you very much …


You should try to outline some features which makes it better than the others, and a good reason we should leave those with active open source community and start afresh with yours

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You are very right in your suggestions. We will definitely try to prepare more comprehensive resources and tutorials by considering these recommendations.