Lighthouse: Is this an original or rip-off?



I have an image but I’m not 100% sure that it’s an original image. The author can’t give me an *AI or *EPS file since I need this for print. Any one seen this before or can confirm this is an original?

Thanks in advance!


Just a suggestion, have you tried tracing it in Illustrator? Since it’s black and white, it should work out perfectly.


Not sure what you want exactly, but a quick search by image on Google gave me this. Is that what you’re looking for?


Exactly what I mean. I don’t like using a logo which is copyrighted and I sure don’t like paying for it. :wink:


If that logo is from Graphicriver, then nobody can register that logo as a trademark nor claim exclusive right to use that logo. So you’re totally fine to use that logo even if someone else uses it.


Ah good to know. Thanks for the feedback. Now I need to test that tracing thing. :smiley:


One thing to note, which might throw a spanner in the works… you can’t use anything on GraphicRiver in the creation of a logo, unless it’s from the logo category. I’m guessing this isn’t, as otherwise the AI and/or EPS files would be included.

Can I use an item as an element of my logo or branding?

Only items from the logo category on GraphicRiver are intended to be used as logos. Other items can’t be used in logos or branding. None of our items, not even logos, can be trademarked.


Yes, I was aware of that and decided not to use the logo. :slight_smile: