Life Without Envato


I was always wondering (it’s scary you know, when you are getting old) can you imagine your life and a single day without Envato Market, without developing, programming, compositing, freelancing???
What would you do? Where would you go? What are the cons if this amazing place would not exist in your life?

Share your opinion or a story.

If you are wondering what’s my story? In one sentence “My life would be true Apocalypse, no decent living, many material and financial losses, no one would ever know me far from my city…”


Well, i must say, since i joined back in late 2013, my life completely changed, from financial freedom, to the joy of creating something that someone out there is using. its just night & day for me.

I probably can’t imagine how my life would be today if i didnt pick up my self & start working that late night when i started, so yeah, im pretty happy where im & looking forward to the future (that includes envato) :smiley:


This is something that we can “share”…The destiny was the similar as yours considering the place we are living…Bosnia and Serbia and some more Balkan countries the same.
When i started to read i didn’t noticed that you are from Bosnia but i strongly recognized that type of the speech…
We are very happy that Envato exists and give us a chance to earn and have a decent life…The only thing i know that there’s no step back…There’s always going forward and so on.
Let’s get back to the point.I can say that Envato “saved my life” after being scared to death about what am i going to do in my life (again considering the country where i live)…I met alot of people from our area that are saying the same as you and i… :smile:


So far Envato has been something of a blessing to me. AudioJungle has given me an opportunity to actually earn an income through doing what I love. Before I discovered the stock music scene and Envato, I really had no direction. I knew music was all I wanted to do as a career, but the scarce opportunities of getting into the industry (for example, composing for video games, tv etc) scared me off, and I began to lose hope. Then I found AudioJungle. This was some time late last year, but I finally started uploading in April this year. Made my first sale on the first day, and since then it’s been an incredible journey. I’ve learned so much here, and it’s given me a huge motivation to constantly reflect on and improve my music, and grow as a music producer.

I honestly don’t know what I would do without Envato and AudioJungle - don’t go away! There’s so much more to come :slight_smile: