Lidl (official) released video with AudioJungle watermark..


I found a video of the company ‘Lidl’ (which is known for almost everybody). They have released a video for their new climate-neutral supermarked (which is great tho). But you can hear the audiojungle watermark in the video, which means they didnt pay for the license to use it?


hah! nice find, but it looks like this is draft and not-listed. not official. so its not certain if they used it for real or it is temporary for guide

It actually is used in an official way.

They launched a special page: (you can see the video on that page)

I landed on that URL via an Instagram advertisement :slight_smile:

interesting @audiojungle

Unlikely and not a fact.
Most likely, they just forgot to change the preview to a licensed audio file. This often happens.
But in general this should not be (preview on YouTube video).