Licensing questions?

  1. As there are some sales for Cyber Monday, can I buy themes and use them 1 year later maybe ?
  2. If I do not activate theme in case of my clients wants different theme, is that ok to use/install that theme on some other domain and activate there? Is activation here issue only with theme updates?
  3. Is free updated for 6 months only about theme updates and not about activation?

Thank you.


  1. yes, you can
  2. In most cases you will not be able to install theme bundle plugins and import demo withour theme license registration/active theme license
  3. theme update download free for lifetime. 6 month author support free for the first 6 months


Thank you so you mean:

  1. If theme allows importing demo content without activation, I can only install theme then maybe decide to use it on some other domain and activate there?

you will be able to use the theme only for a single end product (website). and there are very very low possibility to use the demo import and theme bundle plugins install without theme license active. each theme license will work only for one website.

also you can ask any query about it direct to theme author.
How to contact an author: