Licensing question

So i purchased my first month of envato elements yesterday. I still have a licensing question so i hope someone could help me out with this one. I signed up mostly because of the photo’s. When i create a website for one of my clients i can use the photo’s from envato elements as long i register them in a project. I can’t use the photo’s from twenty20 for my clients websites but only for my own webiste.

Is this correct or can i use twenty20 photo’s also on my customers website? It’s not really clear to me know. And i want rather to be safe then in problems later.

I hope some can clearify this

Kind Regards,

The terms for Twenty20 are pretty similar to Elements, you can see them here:

There’s nothing prohibiting you from using the photos in a commercial project for a customer. But there are specific terms for your customer when you do this (see section 4.d in link above):

If you create an End Product or Editorial Publication for a client, then the client is granted a Limited Sublicense to the Item as part of the End Product, only for use in that specific End Product and subject to the terms of this license. A breach by your client of the terms of this license will be deemed to be a breach by you.