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To verifying and clarifying the licensing subject, I would like to ask a question:
May I Download for example a video template, Change it, and upload my own “template” for sell the template?

The final idea is to create a website that costumers will choose a video template that fit for them.
I will produce the final video for the client per the template he choose.

Thanks in advance

No. You can sell the result of using the template on a one by one basis… but you can’t sell the template to a client or sell it as an automated video creation solution. So… get a client, download template, alter template to create a video for a client… that’s fine.

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Thank you for your answer, So how I can display to a client various of videos to his choice ? You know, I represent a brand of “video making”. How I can let the client search and choose the video fit to his businesses or his propose.

Do you idea or solution for me?

Thanks in advance

You may download template, create your own preview video, put it on your web site. Client see preview, order customization, you download template again (or check that you use it), and customize it for the client. Profit.

What you isn’t allowed to do is to resell templates as it is or in some pack. If your customers get and see only the final result, that is 100% allowed.

On the license page of elements, it says:

You can’t use items in on-demand services

So what you want to do is - by my understanding - not allowed, as I understand your service as an on-demand service. However, I may be wrong here.

Here is the license term page:

If you have further questions, contact an Envato Elements support member. The persons replying you here (me included) are authors and while they may be right with what they are saying, you can only be sure if you get confirmation from Envato staff member.

You can contact them here:

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That’s an automated service though, that I mentioned isn’t allowed…

You can’t use an Item in any application allowing an end user to customise a digital or physical product to their specific needs, such as an “on demand”, “made to order” or “build it yourself” application.

It’s fine on an ‘individual client’ basis where the buyer is making something ordered by a client.

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Hi All,

Thank you all for your answers, Along with my question here on the forum, I also sent a mail to envato support and they told me that is allowed.

Thanks for clarifying. I’ve googled “Made to Order” and as an example McDonalds popped up: you can order a Burger from the Menu and add extra wishes like “no Cheese” etc, then a human person will assemble the Burger with the requested Customizations.

So I understood the “Made to Order” as pretty much what the user is wanting to do here. However, I guess the key word on Elements License page is “application”.

Thanks @alumnik for letting us know about the answer from support.

I have strong hope in Elements becoming a great ressource for Customization Services like yours, in the past we did struggle with the videohive one-time-use licenses and people not respecting those, i.e. making several jobs with just one license. An Elements subscription is basically the long needed multi-use license, as it offers you as much licenses as you register for no added costs.

Please don’t forget to register a new license on Elements for each customization you make. It only costs a few seconds, and this will make sure that the author of the item does get his revenue share from envato and will enable this author to further offer these items as well as new ones on Elements. (Besides that, if you don’t register a new license you basically use it without license for this new job, so don’t do that :wink: )

Thanks :slight_smile:

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