Licensing in Elements is A MESS AND A PAIN

Contents here are GREAT, I really love them, but UX REALLY NEEDS TO STEP UP! You really have to try and respect our time more.

WHY can´t we read the licenses we’ve created in the downloads page? They show like 20 chars and then “…” WTH, ever heard of scroll?

WHY can’t we group assets BY LICENSE just like we do collections? So I click a License, see everything under it, click "create new license for group and voilà, 2 clicks and 10s instead of a million clicks and a lifetime wasted.

WHY can’t we CLEARLY see what licenses we’ve attributed to an item without refraining from making like 20 chars licenses?

WHY the “auto suggest” engine does not work when we click “add license” but works when we click “download”??? We’ve to choose between ctrl+c ctrl+v or click Download, radio button, wait 5s for the DL dialog to show up, close it and repeat. THAT’S TERRIBLE UX!!!

It is SO ANNOYING to keep track of licenses for more complex projects and so annoying to have to surf through DOZENS of “download pages” to find the asset we’ve reused to add a new license to it.

I tried creating a collection from assets that I use repeatedly > WHAT FOR? You can’t license anything from collections, you have to click, open asset page, click download, and do the same s***

PLEASE improve this. It is URGENT.


I also agree with this post. It is very time consuming to go through all of these assets over and over again.