Licensing for two admins

Hi - I used to be an admin for a site. The license is under my name. Another admin is currently taking over the site. Is it better for the admin to get a license herself so she can get support directly through the support function? My site support function is currently expired. I would renew it but then she would have to send any issues to me for help with support. I would rather she does that directly. Can she get a license but the support still apply to my current site? Or is a better way for me to transfer the license? How does one transfer a license? Appreciate any help you can give me.


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A single license for a single domain you are not able to install same theme(single license) to other domain.If your item support is expired then you can get in touch with a WordPress Expert hope your issue will solved.


Hi - thank you for your response… but what I’m asking is if another person buy a license to the same theme… would she be able to use the support function to ask questions for my site? Essentially, she’s buying the license just for the support function so she can directly connect with support without having to go through me. Or can only the person that owns the site license can ask support help for a particular site?

Admin A owns the license to theme site. Let’s call this XYZ site. Support already expired and Admin A will no longer be the site admin.

Admin B buys the license to the same theme. However, she is not creating her own site… she just want to use the support help function for issues on XYZ site.


When you support expired you are not able to get item support other use or purchase can’t ask about your support. But if she ask a question what you want(as her support mentions) she ask and get answer for your but she didn’t mention that she ask for you.

do you understand ?
Let me know if you have any other question.


It is better if they purchased their own license. While you might be able to getaway by simply giving them the license key which can be used to login to the products help desk system, provided they have one, you will still have issues when the license expires since you are the only one that can renew it.

Envato does not have a license transfer system if this is what you are asking.

Simply let them buy the product again. Then register their purchase code with their existing product but this is best answered by the product author, so ask them.