Licensing for one track on shortened videos with extra footage

Hi, i’m currently editing multiple video’s for a brand and i’m not sure which licensing I should use.

The first one is one big general video which demonstrates the brand’s new bicycles. The other ones are short 15 sec. videos that show the bicycles more in detail (per model). The videos will be shown on the company’s own website.

I know that shortened versions are allowed if there’s no new content added. But in the short videos, extra footage is added to show the bicycles more in detail.

Can I use the same track for all these videos with the Music Standard License? Or which one should I use?

I think Standard License is ok.


The fact that there is new material in the short videos disqualify them as “cut-downs” as per Envato’s definition. So technically, they each would require their own license.

The only way to use just one license would be to invoke the series policies which allows you to use one license for up to 52 episodes within a year. Your videos would have to be considered episodes of a same series for this to be valid, though. It’s kind of a stretch, but it if your videos meet the criteria of what constitutes a series as per Envato, it could work.