Licensing for OEM Product


I am interested in the following the template for CMS:


  1. Is $24 is for an onetime fee(and I never have to pay you anything else)?
  2. How many Licence I will get after paying $24 ?
  3. Can I purchase this template just for the single Licence?
  4. I want to make multiple end products with the same template, can I use the same License for multiple products?
  5. How this will work for OEM case ?

Hi @deveshsilicon,

  1. All item in envato market is a one time payment for license. but if you need author support after expired author free support (first 6 months) then you will need to purchase/extend author support.
  2. for each purchase you will get one lixense for one end product
  3. yes, you can purchase a single license
  4. If you want to make multiple end products then for each end product you will need individual license. So, you have to purchase individual license for each end product
  5. for any technical query you can or pre-purchase query you can contact the item author and ask them.

You can ask directly the item author here: