Licensing for Actions

Okay I tried searching but I am still not clear. If I buy a Photoshop Action, can I make as many things as I want with it? Including if I am selling the multiple End Products? And, if I decide to subscribe, can I still use the Actions I download in the same manner?


The Tools License is a bit different. So you can make multiple end products with a tool -

You can use a Tool to create an unlimited number of different End Products. You can use an App for its intended application. Both using a Tool and an App is conditional upon there only ever being one concurrent use of the item by you, the original purchaser.

Hope that helps!

Yeah that’s what I saw. I guess I was making sure it didn’t matter if you were selling the End Product. I guess I was confused about what concurrent use meant. Also, if I download under the subscription am I still allowed to use them if I cancel?

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No worries. Licensing is super confusing for everyone :smiley:

Elements items cannot be used after your subscriptions ends -

You can’t use an Item to create an End Product after your subscription ends. If you’ve installed an Item (such as a font or add-on) on your device, you need to uninstall the Item once your subscription ends.

That’s what I thought. Thanks!

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