Licensing For a Multiple Domain Portal


I am creating a Portal for my client which more than one domain are used. I mean I use a single HTML template for different domains by changing just the colors and logo (the content as well). All the websites are managed from one server and one single point.

For example: (Different logo, colors and content) (Different logo, colors and content)
3,4,5 bla bla (Different logo, colors and content for each)

They all belong to same client.

In this case should I buy license for each of the above domains? And where can I link (declare) those licenses? (After buying license or licenses do I need to follow any procedure to inform the template owner?)

Thank you in advance

One License For One Domain Only -

you can use one license for One Domain multiple subdomains -,,

You can Keep The License Keys For Each Domain. You can tell the theme owner how many purchases you made and how many domains using it with that.

hi I need help, I purchase school management component and I try it on a subdomain and it work good for me , I want to use it on another subdomain but I am get error that Invalid buyer name & purchase code !