Licensing folder inside file?


I have never purchased any item in Codecanyon, but I have downloaded several items under the free offer. I have seen a folder in the main ZIP file called Licensing that is with the main files and documentation. Almost all the items have the same folder, with two files inside, a Readme_license.txt and a GPL.txt. The contents of these files are also similiar in all of items I have downloaded. What are these for?

As an author, should I include this two files in the main ZIP file? Or Codecanyon will do it for me? I didn’t find anything in Envato Help section and in this forum. Please can anyone explain me this? My first item got rejected for an unknown reason, but I didn’t include these files. Is it the reason for rejection?

Thank you.

if you are talking about wordpress plugins then envato will include that license folder from their side (automatically) when you will upload the item and will get approve. a Readme_license.txt and a GPL.txt mainly you will see in wordpress items. but if you like you can add that license folder from your side.