Licensing Doubts


I am designing a theme, it is a web template. I have already read about the upload instructions from themeforest. I have a doubt that, when I am using free images from any stock photography websites, how I can mentioned this to themeforest. Which means “this photograph is free and it has the rights”. How to do this in read me file or split Licsence. I don’t know actually. Please let me know this?

Firstly you need to make sure that the images actually are free to use for commercial projects.

For the benefit of the demo you shouldn’t need to show licensing but if you want to then include it in notes to the reviewer.

You should not be including any images with or without permission in the download version of the theme. These should all be substituted with placeholders

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OK I understand that,
If my image is absolutely free for commercial use, and I am not included that image in downloads, do I need any more licensing notes in the zip file or anywhere?

Also one more that, can I paste the GPL and readme file(from themeforest) without any editing or updations to zip file.

You shouldn’t need anymore but I would still not include the images in the download if they are not yours even if you think they are license free. You can always put links to where they are from in the description if needed.

About the GPL?
Just copy paste only

I believe so but am not an active author so someone else may be able to confirm for sure

OK thank you,
Your answers was very good