licensing code not accepted

Just bought Ronneby theme.
Got all the information including the licensing code.
Have a developer helping me install the theme however the licensing not is not accepted in the theme which makes me upset.
This is a waste of my time that there is a problem with the licensing code.
Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?


you can check this article:

If still facing issue then please contact theme author and let them know. theme author will help you.

How to contact an author:


I did find the correct code and as mentioned the problem is that the license code is NOT accepted in the theme so - what can I do then ?

please contact theme author.

I just sent an email to the author. Am waiting to hear from the author.
Thank you

I figured it out myself. Disconnected the Visual editor and then inserted the code.
Now it works

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Hi again,
It appears the problem is still there and I do not know what to do

Haave tried to get developer to answer to my email. Still waiting to hear from developer. Hopefully someone here has a solution

please wait for the author reply because they are the best in their theme functionality. Thanks

Am in contact with the author now. Thank you

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