Licensing clarification


I need a bit clarification about licensing.

  1. When I’m creating a website presentation for my client, he is paing me for that. Do I need extended license? I guess no…
  2. When I’m creating an e-shop for myself, end clients are paying me for the products sold, what license do I need now?
  3. I’m creating a SaaS product, so end clients are paying me for using the website. Is this case still regular or extended license?
  4. I create a product (website) which I’m selling to the client as a piece of software. Here I do need extended license, right?

Thank you for answering all my 4 cases.

  1. Regular

  2. Regular (assuming they only purchase items from the site and don’t need to pay to access or to use the site)

  3. So they pay a fee/subscription etc. to use the site? That would be extended license

  4. You’d need to give more details on what it is and how it would work