Licensing and Projects - When will improvements come.

Does anyone know what envatos plans are around improving projects and license management? Is there a release cycle or anything?

For example, viewing previously created projects for cleansing and managing licenses better, I can see from the forums its not available, but I hate how messy mine is. I want to do a tidy up, and put the downloads into the relevant projects that they should be etc.

I’m keeping track of things via collections but managing things can become time consuming.

Ps. If you work for envato and reading this reach out, I’ve got ideas :wink:

Library management for Elements is definitely in the works :grin:


It be nice to add a search bar to the downloads section so we can search what product we used in a previous project, so we can add another license to another project. It is a bit difficult to manage =P Hope improvements will come. Thanks =)


Here is my list: :grinning:

  1. Make a possibility to display all pages at once (my downloads)

  2. Make a search for an excerpt from the title of the video

  3. Make any mark, comment on the video

  4. Make a grouping of videos according to a non-name project (with the possibility of renaming (without sending to envat))

  5. Or make it possible to add a video to the project without sending (with the possibility of deleting unused ones), then sending!!!

  6. Make a filter with_license / without_license

  7. Remove information about downloaded trials (just “downloaded 5 times”)

  8. Add pagination to the top of the page

  9. Oblige / monitor that sellers give unique names to elements, otherwise it turns out that the license for one name, license code and ID have nothing to do with the name of the element, the element page is called differently, and the element after downloading has a completely different name (example: Aerial View Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina) and on top of that, the sellers pack the items in zip archives with a completely different name!!!

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Please do something to improve library management.It is terrible :sob: :sob: :sob:

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This video was downloaded. Please find it for licensing in the library.

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