licensing a track as background playback for corporate song / jingle (no resell on itunes or other)


i did not find it on the faq:

from my understanding the single licence covers the single use of a musical track to be the background loop of a corporate song, onto which a voice will be added, as it acts similiar to a sound logo.

the song will only used as an identifier by the (in this case) swimming school, and there is no further resell - only a use troughout their own products.

however - as i found the following passus in your faq i wanted to make a 100% sure. because from my point of view it does not seem to match your definition of popular music - as it’s basically an ad jingle - which would also allow the background music.

thanks for your answer yrs. Frido

Can I use an AJ track in a stand-alone music track? What about sound effects?

You may not use music in stand-alone music tracks, but you could use sound effects in a music track.

Example: You can’t add lyrics to an audio track and sell it on iTunes

Generally I think music licenses on AudioJungle do not cover any remixing or incorporation in new songs, etc (except minor changes such as shortening a song). If you want to resample/remix music from AudioJungle in a new piece of music, you should contact the author via DM.

For example if you sing along the music (which creates a new song) you should better ask the author. If you just add a spoken voice-over (like in most commercials) it should be OK. Then you should choose the proper license according to the usage (video, broadcast, etc.). The term single use refers to one project, e.g. one video or one commercial.