Licensing a Sound Effect to a major TV network

Hi. Was recently contacted about allowing one of my sound effects to be licensed to Turner/Cartoon Network. Any advice, experience and thoughts on pricing for this?

I have to apologize in advance, I cannot give you a useful answer. But this thread screams for this gif:

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Yep. Like it!

I know that’s not super helpful, but I’d try contacting people connected to, and see if authors and sound designers there would know an approximate rate they would charge a TV network. Cold emailing isn’t nice, but every now and then it’s possible that someone comes back with a friendly and helpful answer.

I would add that it’s really valuable to keep in contact with the person in charge of this major TV network collaboration (creative director, assistant, sound designer, whoever contacted you), and maybe get a deal for more sound effects in the future. A steady collaboration with them would possibly bring you more value and income in the far future than charging them too much for a one-off purchase of a single sound effect.

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Thanks for taking time to reply and make some suggestions. Good ideas.

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