Licensing a default template for e-commerce solution


I’m a small developer of a specialized e-commerce engine (tightly integrated with a certain ERP). My business model is to implement e-commerce sites for users of the ERP system (my fees include both licensing and customization).

I’m now at a point where I would like to upgrade the default look and feel of the system (you could call it a default template for the e-commerce engine), and considering using a themeforest template for that. What license would be required? How would I further license customers who would select to use the demo site as a base for their own website?

To make it more concrete, here would be the whole structure:

  1. there would be a freely accessible demo site for our product using the template (the base solution)
  2. there would be a number of customers who have licensed our engine, and are using customized versions of the same template - the customer sites are freely available (although some might require authorization).
  3. there are other customers using our engine using different templates (or custom designs) altogether

Am I correct to assume that I would need an extended license for 1) (since I will be selling the “engine+theme”), regular licenses for each of 2) (since the customer will be using the theme), and no licenses for 3) (since these customers won’t be using the theme)?

If so, are there any limitations as to how long a license for any given theme is available? I’m looking for a solution that I could re-sell for a number of years, and it would be a shame if I were suddenly unable to purchase regular licenses for my customers.

Your help would be greatly appreciated,
Ed from Riga

This is not allowed There is no such thing as a multi-site license

You would need to buy a separate copy/license for each website/customer etc.

Regular license is probably ok.

So I simply buy a regular license for each site, including the demo site?

Are there any guarantees that the license for my selected theme will be available for an extended period of time (so I can be sure I will be able to license it for new customers some time in the future)?

Yes - each website that uses the theme/template (or your edited demo) will require it’s own license.

Unfortunately Envato can’t guarantee file lifespan due to them not owning any of the files for sale.

If you stick with a reliable and established author then you should be ok.

Your information is very interesting. Thank you for sharing