Licensing 10 videos for one client with one Animation Pack

Hi there,

I have a question concerning a licensing situation in the context of an award ceremony. The license FAQ confused me a bit.

From now on I have to create 10 different animation videos every year with one and the same After Effects Animation Pack and an Audiojungle background music for a company which shows these videos at their own ceremony. At this ceremony 10 contestants will be awarded and the video explains a bit what they did. After the ceremony the company (which hired me) would like to give the videos to the winners for free and they should be allowed to use them on the Internet (and customize the already exported .mp4 format for their use as they desire).

My question now is, which license to use and how many times? Is it enough to buy the Regular License once or do I need to buy it for each winner video – even though they belong to one project (of 10 videos) I created for my client? Or is the Extended License the right one for me?

I appreciate your help!