If i would like to buy a theme for personal purchase i need a regular license?

If i was a freelancer and buying a theme and selling them to the ‘end-user’ then i would need an extended licence?

Please advice if this is correct.



Hello :smiley:

A personal license is still fine for a single project that you’re designing for a client.



Thanks for the reply, its for my own website not a client.
I’m a nooby here.
Confused with the FAQ on licences lol.

Many thanks


No problem! Licenses are confusing to me, too :smiley:


Please advise me on this purchase as an example…
i am purchasing this for my own website as mentioned above…
if i charge users who visit the website do i need an extended license?

lol i’m still confused…
this should set me straight.


It’s usually best to open a Help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center for any license questions. They are the experts :smiley:


Also you should contact author and let him know on how you want to use their plugin and see also what he as to say about that.

Best regards.

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Hi all.
yeah i contacted the author.
i purchased the extended 5min ago :grin:
Many thanks


Yeah, the general rule is that if the end user has to pay to view, use or access all or part of the thing that you’ve created using the Envato item… then you need an extended license. So it sounds like you got the right one.