Licenses for several projects.

Hello, I would like to have information concerning the use of web templates and Ui elements.

I want to clarify to know if in Evato themeforest I have to download and buy a theme every time I chalk a website, Can I modify it as desired? For Evato Elements, there are several types of subscriptions, to create a website, which license should I choose and knowing that I am freelance, on which criteria should I base myself for this choice because I do not want to do foolery. Can I make changes to my templates at will as I wish at the request of the client? Do you have to pay subscriptions per year on Evato elements?

Themeforest - yes you can edit it as you want

Elements - there is only one license. You can choose monthly or annual subscription. You just download a new copy for each project you use it in.

Bear in mind you must be subscribed when completing a project using an item from elements. You can’t stockpile items I.e. subscribe - download - unsubscribe - then start a project using that item

Hello again,

I made a one-year subscription because the price is attractive. I would like to know how can I choose web templates that I can use in React projects and thus be able to exclude words including jQuery because I do not want to use this library with React projects. Indeed, it doesn’t make much sense to use this library on a React JavaScript project. In the filters, you should be able to Exclude words in order to facilitate the search for elements or templates. is this type of filter possible? For example, it would be nice to be able to access elements such as Lightbox, modal, or slider in React rather than having to integrate a component in jQuery

Elements search is not that advanced - there are some filters around file formats but it’s not yet the best for keyword or exclusion based searching