Licenses are often unclear

We probably all know there are different types of licenses.
Now lets look at “Regular license” and “Extended license”, especially on code canyon.
The regular license says it is good for items where the end user is not charged for.
But what if that is the main purpose of that item and it is available under the regular license?
To me it’s a bit of confusing.
Take this item for example

One of it’s main features is to generate money.
Do i need to cut that all out by hand? What if I forget any trigger in the code? What if the trigger takes place where I can’t do much about it?
Because that renders the point of buying a “ready to go” app almost useless IMO.

If the main purpose of your purchase IS to charge the end users of the app that you’re licensing here, then just go for the extended license. If end users won’t be charged, then just go with the regular license.