Licenses and Subscriptions...Help please!!

Hi there, I recently just purchased the annual subscription for Envato Elements and well…I’ve got questions!

Now, you must forgive me for my stupidity on this because I am TOTALLY new to the grand scheme of it all.

Here we go,

1.) If the content I’m creating is totally just for myself and my eyes only; do I still need a license?

2.) If I post the content on my Wattpad account for aesthetic purposes (Just a writing community where absolutely 0 profit is made for me) is that against the guidelines for licenses?

3.) When my subscription expires in one year, am I still expected to pay for the licenses of the templates/anything I downloaded while being a subscriber?

4.) Do I have to pay for anything when my subscription expires?

To keep in mind, I only download After Effects transition templates. I don’t have a business to sell it off to, nor am I a freelancer that charges clients–It’s purely for my own personal self enjoyment.

All of my work, I make absolutely no profit–Nor does anyone have to pay to access my content!

My biggest fear is that anything I download right now while being a subscriber will still need to be paid for outside of my subscription for simply possessing the downloadable content