Licensed plugin first use on development site. Have to transfer, when migrate to public domain?

The question may have been asked a lot of times here, but as it is a specific case here, I’d like to ask it myself.

For a website I’m building on my own development site (sub domain of my own) my client has purchased a WP plugin. Once the entire website is finished it will be migrated to his public domain. Including the plugin of course.

So what to do with the license? :slight_smile: Leave it unlicensed while developing and only enter the purchase code once it goes live? Or should I license it immediately after installation, also on the development domain?

Thanks in advance.

You can enter the purchase code till you finish the development. After you transfer the site, as long as you remove the “original” content, it should be fine.

or you can actually use hosts file modification while creating the development site - therefor you can start building up the website with the original URL therefor you don’t need to do any action once it’s done

Thank you.
“removing the ‘original content’” means removing the whole development site, right?

What do you exactly mean with the “hosts file modification”? :slight_smile:

If the plugin is not working with full features without entering purchase code then you can use the purchase code for the license register for your development site otherwise don’t use purchase code in development site.

When you will migrate into your client production/live site then you must have to enter purchase code. So, if you already used in your development site then you must have to deregister the license from development site then you will be able to use the purchase code again.

Better to ask about license register and deregister functionality directly to the plugin author. Also you can check the plugin documentation.


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The host file is a way to override the normal DNS lookup process your browser uses to find internet addresses . This gives you the ability to map a domain name to whatever ip address you need

Google “hosts file to develop website” for details

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