Can anyone please help with this query

I have Elements monthly subscription, if i switch to annual what benefits i get with this annually payment
or any other suggestion

Hello! :grin:

You’ll get all the same benefits but at a reduced rate.

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Can you please help with this reduced price any specific amount benefits i get…?

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You bet!

So monthly is currently $33/month while if you pay for a whole year upfront your pay what works out to only $16.50 a month. So it’s like getting 6 months free :grin:


its showing total amount for one year

Yes you pay for the entire year upfront. Which is why there’s such a savings :grin:

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so i lost my $33 and now i have to pay 198+taxes. :sweat_smile:

No, you will not loss $33 of monthly subscription fee. if you upgrade from monthly to yearly you will get envato elements access for a full year after your monthly subscription period expired.

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