Can i use Flatsome theme for my main domain & also for one of my sub domain with same license code.

each license is unique and can be used only for one end product. So, same license for subdomian will not work.

@mgscoder Don’t confuse “end product” with “domain” - they are not the same. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is possible (although very rare) for multiple domains to be part of the same end product, in which case the same purchase code applies to all of them. This is also true for subdomains.

@nmdv111 If your subdomain is part of the same end product as your main website, then this is perfectly allowed. If you’re not sure whether your specific situation fits that description, or if you have any other license concerns, then please open a Help ticket and the experts can help you figure this all out. :slight_smile:

well @baileyherbert :clap:

Sorry! @nmdv111 I didn’t explain it details.

More explain:

When it comes to subdomains, the context in which how these subdomains are being used needs to be considered to determine whether a single license applies. If all the subdomains are designed to organize your content within one main site we consider that use as a single end product (thus requiring a single license). For example: your main domain is, and the subdomains are and, the subdomains relate to the main site and are used to organize the content of your main site into subdomains (even though the subdomains require multiple installations which can have individual personalities), the subdomains are still related to the same subject of the main site and therefore a single end product.

In cases where each subdomain has no relation to each other or the main site and are about different things, then we consider these subdomains different end products regardless of the implementation (single installation). In this case you would need a separate license for each subdomain. For example, your main domain is which is about the health benefits of eating fruit, and you have a subdomain which is which is about buying 3D models of fruit, you will need a separate license for each.


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