License videohive file

I’m wonder that If I buy a video from videohive, How I know that I have the right to use this video.
Anyone have a sample of the license file after I buy a video, please post it here.
Thank you so much!

Hi @moriarty69,

Once you purchase an item, you will be able to download a license certificate as a PDF which will contain a “purchase code”. This code is your proof of purchase and proof of license. The certificate looks like this:

Further details can be found on the Help Center:

Hope that helps!

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Hi I want to but the CinePunch pack and use for opening logo and end logos for my you tube videos and maybe trnasitions etc during. I also want to use effects and all the above for my indie feature film and hope it gets to festivals and then onto VOD/DVD and theatre release - what license do I buy - if I buy extended will it cover all above if I use once and if so do I buy under my name and auto pass on to my production company after or how does that work? thanks