License usage by site types


I really like BeTheme, but I have a very big problem with it, the commercial license. It has a price that simply makes it unusable in my country, most clients are not willing to pay even a TENTH of that amount for a fully finished website, let alone just for the theme.

So I need to understand precisely what the normal $60 license can be used for. Is a company or product presentation site where no prices are shown considered extended license? For instance, let’s say we have a hotel, but the site only has general info and you have to call to get a price. Or a site that showcases a company’s products or services with no “buy” function or prices shown. Can Regular be used with these or do I still need Extended License?

Thank you so much!

Extended licenses are only required for sites that cannot be accessed without payment

A hotel site for example would only need a regular one.

Remember 1 website = 1 license so you need to purchase a new copy for each site that is built using that theme