License type - which one to choose ?



Hi there,

I was looking for website template and found it, but then it came to
choose type of license, where you have 2 different on the list.
I also found businesses card template that I like, but again, there is same thing as above.

Basically I am photographer looking for template where I can post my
own portfolio and business offer i.e weddings etc. , obliviously
template won’t be sold to anyone else, and I will not sell anything
directly via website, it will be for pure ‘marketing’ , you know what I
With business card situation is the same, my own contact
details, possibly change log if allowed, not sold as a product to
anyone. use personally as a business card.

Which license I should use?
When actually I need Extended License ?



Regular sounds good for your needs. The general rule of thumb for extended license, is that if somebody has to pay to view the end product you create using the item, then you need an extended license. So if you sell stuff on your website, then that’s fine, as buyers and non-buyers can still view the site for free… they’re paying for the goods, not for looking at them on the web.

If you charge somebody before you hand over a business card, then you’d need an extended license. Or if part of your website containing premium content requires people to pay a fee to access it… then you’d need an extended license.