License transfer form a subdomain development to main domain

Can i transfer the licence to the main domain when i do my site on the subdomain

Hi @unganayim ,

Thanks for your patience while we worked towards your request. It depends on how this is connected.

When it comes to subdomains, the context in which how these subdomains are being used needs to be considered to determine whether a single license applies. If all the subdomains are designed to organize your content within one main site we consider that use as a single end product (thus requiring a single license). For example: your main domain is, and the subdomains are and, the subdomains relate to the main site and are used to organize the content of your main site into subdomains (even though the subdomains require multiple installations which can have individual personalities), the subdomains are still related to the same subject of the main site and therefore a single end product.

In cases where each subdomain has no relation to each other or the main site and are about different things, then we consider these subdomains different end products regardless of the implementation (single installation). In this case you would need a separate license for each subdomain. For example, your main domain is which is about the health benefits of eating fruit, and you have a subdomain which is which is about buying 3D models of fruit, you will need a separate license for each.

In the case of multisite installations that are mapped to subdomains, a single license is fine because technically it’s still only one installation and one entity. However, you’ll need multiple licenses to use a multisite installation with domain mapping because those would be technically different sites, and hence, different end products.

All-in-all, you need to consider how you are using the theme to determine whether a single license is enough, or multiple licenses are required.

Please let me know if I can provide any further assistance or clarification.

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thank you but i still dont understand.

I am doing a new proposed website on a subdomain, if it is approved i want to move it to the main domain. Do i need another license?


If you deactivate the subdomain license first then try to register for main domain then you don’t need to get a new license. For deregister and registration process you can check your purchasd Item documentation or contact your purchased Item Author. Contact Author and let them know. They will guide you about this concern.


License key like a one time access code.You are not able to use that another time in that reason you can get in touch with Envato Customer Success they would like to assist you with an official answer.

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Thanks hey, i have another question. I have just purchased the BETHEME, do i need to pay for the revolution slider plugin and the wpbackery plugin license as well so i can access premium features?

No, Do not need to pay anymore for that theme.

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Just to clarify:

Don’t activate the license on the development subdomain. You should only activate it on the main/finished domain. You are allowed to install the theme on more than one domain, as long as there is only one finished website per license – you should only activate the license on that finished website.

If you already activated the license on your development domain, then contact the author once you finish your website and they will switch it to the main domain for you.

The author of your theme paid for those plugins, so they are not “free editions” - they have all premium features unlocked at no extra cost to you. They may ask you for a purchase code, but you can ignore those prompts and the plugins will work as expected.


Ok Thank you Baileyherbert, you have really helped me. I just downloaded the them so let me install it and get back to you should i have any challenges.


Hello, I bought the Betheme bundled with the revolution slider but the plugin requires activation/purchase code so that i access addons for the slide effects i want. How do i proceed.

I don’t think bundled plugins come with addons etc

They don’t have a purchase code but the plugin will work (as per the demo) without it

Are these further add ons or just part of the slider if bought independently ( the later is definitely not included)