License required for using a social media template

I am currently developing a social media application on the web. Previously I thought of creating the website templates myself, but now I have realized how much tedious and time-consuming it is (besides my templates are very less tempting). After browsing on ThemeForest, I found a perfect template for my needs. However, I cannot help with which license I should use. I am thinking of displaying adverts for revenue + a freemium model (at later stages). What license do I need? Also, if Extended License is required, is there any discount or something? $750 is a lot where I live.

You wouldn’t be able to make it available on demand through your application, as no envato license allows that.

If this is the goal then I would suggest you hire a freelancer to make some original designs that you can own and use as required.

Otherwise, theres no multi use license so you would need a new license per client.

The extended license is about how /where you use the item in terms of monetising it, rather than the number of times you use it.

Thanks for the quick reply, sorry for the late response. This makes me wonder, why even creators make social media templates when the buyers would have required a multi-use license (which doesn’t exist). However, I got your point. Guess it’s time to put in some CSS classes together. Cheers!