License Questions

Hi all, would like to ask the community some questions.

I belong to a company (> 50 pax) but at a very small department with a small in-house team (2 pax including myself) working on video content creation.

My company’s primary business is not media related.

Am I able to subscribe an individual license (where I pay on my own) and create some video works for my company as my client?

or, am I eligible to subscribe under Teams license for 2 people (my company pays for the subscription) and we create video works for the company?

As the company’s primary business is not media related, we don’t really have any budget allocated for subscription. Hoping someone can help me out :slight_smile:

Either option would work except a few considerations:

  1. you can’t share logins/access to your account

  2. you need to download a new copy per project

  3. you need to be subscribed when completing the relevant project - you can’t download and save for later or stockpile items